Delving Deeper into the Mystery of the UFO Crash Site


The Roswell incident of 1947 has remained a mystery shrouded in secrecy and conspiracy theories for decades. Many believe that the U.S. government covered up the crash of an unidentified flying object near Roswell, New Mexico. While official reports claim it was a weather balloon, a recent investigation is shedding new light on the incident.

Investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe and ancient astronaut theorist Giorgio Tsoukalos embarked on an extraordinary journey in October 2019 to explore the site near Roswell, known as the “skip site.” Eyewitnesses claim that one of the three UFOs seen in the sky in July 1947 crashed near this location before miraculously taking off again and finally coming to rest. The duo was joined by geologist Frank Kimbler, whose findings would challenge the official narrative.

The Quest for Extraterrestrial Artifacts

Professor Kimbler, a geologist and earth science expert, had spent nearly a decade meticulously searching the area beneath the presumed trajectory of the Roswell craft using advanced technology like infrared scans and metal detectors. His mission was to find fragments and debris that might have been left behind after the crash. As Kimbler explained, when an object crashes, it scatters various materials, including metals, plastics, wires, and control devices, across the terrain.

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Since 2011, Kimbler had managed to unearth over a dozen metal fragments. These weren’t ordinary pieces of metal; they were highly unique and exhibited unusual properties. The artifacts were a puzzle that begged to be solved.

The Extraordinary Discoveries

Linda, Giorgio, and Frank gathered at the skip site, eager to inspect the intriguing artifacts. As Frank opened his case, they were met with a collection of tiny, twisted, and mangled metal fragments. These fragments appeared to be consistent with what one might expect from the wreckage of a crashed craft. What made them stand out was their pristine condition.

The team marveled at the materials, with Giorgio suggesting that they might be holding something made by an intelligence beyond our understanding—possibly extraterrestrial in origin. The layers and banding on the metal fragments resembled those seen in photo micrographs of materials found at the site. It was a tantalizing clue that begged for further investigation.

The Hunt for Extraterrestrial Clues Continues

Encouraged by their discoveries, the team geared up for a new expedition to uncover more pieces of the puzzle. Professor Kimbler, armed with his metal detector, guided them through the vast desert, searching for additional artifacts.

Hours passed, and the desert heat took its toll. While Kimbler had successfully found metal objects in the past, this time, they were met with disappointment as they scanned the desert landscape. The metal detector remained silent.

However, the team’s spirits weren’t dampened for long. Giorgio took over the metal detector and, within minutes, got a hit. They had found another piece, this time a mysterious piece of wire, twisted and mangled. While it seemed insignificant, they recognized that even the tiniest fragment might hold crucial information about the Roswell incident.


Unanswered Questions

As they continued their search, more pieces of wire surfaced, each exhibiting bizarre characteristics. It left them pondering the possibility that these wire fragments could be remnants of the 1947 UFO crash, overlooked by the military at the time.

The journey to the Roswell skip site had opened up new avenues of investigation and raised more questions than answers. Could these fragments be evidence of an extraterrestrial craft, and if so, what other artifacts might still be hidden in the New Mexico desert?

Intriguingly, this investigation challenges the official narrative of the Roswell incident and reinforces the idea that there may be more to this enigmatic event than we’ve been led to believe. As Linda, Giorgio, and Frank continue their quest for answers, the Roswell UFO crash site remains a place of mystery, holding secrets that may one day reshape our understanding of our place in the universe.

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