Deciphering the Puzzling Encounter: Albert K. Bender and the Mysterious Visitors


In the world of UFO investigations and extraterrestrial encounters, there are countless tales that range from the bizarre to the downright chilling. Among these stories, one particular incident stands out as both perplexing and unsettling: the encounter between renowned UFO investigator Albert K. Bender and mysterious visitors who claimed to be from distant reaches of the universe. This ominous visitation not only halted Bender’s pioneering research but also raised questions about the true nature of these enigmatic beings.

A Brief Glimpse into the Past

Our journey takes us back to 1953 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, a time when the UFO phenomenon was sweeping the nation. Albert K. Bender, a prominent figure in the UFO community, had founded the International Flying Saucer Bureau, capitalizing on the UFO flap of 1952. Flying saucer sightings were making headlines worldwide, with even sightings over the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

The Rise and Fall of the International Flying Saucer Bureau

Within just one year, Bender’s International Flying Saucer Bureau gained immense popularity. However, it was a year later when everything took a chilling turn. One fateful night, as Bender entered his bedroom, he found himself face to face with three ominous figures. These shadowy entities, wearing hats and overcoats, had glowing eyes and emitted a sulfuric odor.

A Terrifying Encounter

According to Bender, these entities communicated with him through telepathy, delivering a dire warning. They instructed him to cease his UFO research and to halt the publication of his influential magazine, “The Space Review.” The consequences of disobeying were swift; Bender became mysteriously ill and went without eating for three days.

The Shocking Revelation

The entities claimed to hail from a distant corner of the universe and confessed to frequenting Earth for an extended period. Their ominous message included a startling admission: “We have taken many humans from this planet to cover up our operations until we are done.”

The Men in Black or Hat Men?

the hat man

The entities that visited Albert Bender bear a striking resemblance to what we now refer to as the “men in black.” While pop culture often portrays these figures as government agents, those who have encountered them often believe otherwise. They are described as shadowy, wearing all-black clothing, and, intriguingly, possibly non-human.

The Men in Black Enigma

Many speculate that the men in black may be extraterrestrials themselves or are working in collusion with extraterrestrial forces to conceal the truth about extraterrestrial presence on Earth.

Telepathic Influence and Malevolence

Both the hat men and the men in black are known to influence people telepathically, and their intentions can often seem malevolent. Some theorists even suggest that they may be the ringleaders of the shadow people, using their influence to deter humans from investigating UFO encounters.

A Conundrum of Real Events

As we delve deeper into these perplexing encounters, it becomes apparent that the stories of shadow people, men in black, and other visitations are intertwined, leading us to question if they are all manifestations of the same enigmatic forces. George Noory suggests that what we may be witnessing is mass hysteria stemming from real events that baffle those who experience them.



The strange and unsettling case of Albert K. Bender and his encounter with otherworldly entities remains a captivating mystery within the realm of ufology. Were these entities truly extraterrestrial, or were they something altogether different? The enigma of the men in black, the hat men, and their telepathic influence on humans continues to intrigue researchers and enthusiasts alike, leaving us with more questions than answers. As we explore the uncharted territories of the universe, we must remain open to the possibility that we may not be alone, and that the truth may be stranger than we can ever imagine.

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