Teen Girl’s Terrifying Encounter: Abducted by Praying Mantis Aliens


In the annals of extraterrestrial encounters, one story stands out as particularly peculiar and chilling: the case of Linda Porter, a 17-year-old girl from Covina, California, who claimed to have been abducted by praying mantis aliens in 1963. This spine-tingling account, which emerged long before the abduction phenomenon gained popularity, has left researchers and enthusiasts alike in awe of its strangeness and depth. In this article, we delve into Linda Porter’s unsettling experiences and explore the broader implications of encounters with these enigmatic insectoid beings.

The Covina, California Incident:

The story begins in Covina, California, where Linda Porter awoke one fateful day in 1963 to find herself on a strange craft. Under hypnosis, she would later recall her initial encounter with a small gray alien who led her to a room bathed in eerie light. But what followed was even more surreal – a being that resembled a praying mantis, tall and imposing, with an aura of profound intelligence.

Praying Mantis Alien

Unearthing a Rarity:

Linda Porter’s case is a standout among alien abduction stories for several reasons. Firstly, it predates the widespread recognition of the abduction phenomenon, making it all the more intriguing. Secondly, it introduced the world to a distinct type of extraterrestrial being – the praying mantis alien. While gray aliens are more commonly associated with abduction narratives, the praying mantis entities are exceptionally rare and unsettling.

A Hierarchy of Beings?

Some researchers and enthusiasts have drawn parallels between various alien species and insect societies, notably bees. In this analogy, gray aliens could be likened to worker bees, while the praying mantis beings assume a queen bee-like role, characterized by their immense stature and apparent authority. These parallels hint at a possible hierarchy among extraterrestrial beings involved in these abduction scenarios.

The Search for the Soul:

According to Linda Porter, her abductors were not merely interested in her physical self but seemed particularly intrigued by the concept of the human soul. She believed that these entities were conducting an experiment to understand the nature of the human soul and its journey after death. This notion opens up profound questions about the spiritual dimension of these encounters and the potential motives of these otherworldly beings.

The Cylinders of Suspended Animation:

One of the most chilling aspects of Linda Porter’s account was her description of three cylinders containing humans in a state of suspended animation. This eerie image adds an element of horror to her already unsettling narrative, leaving us to wonder about the true intentions and capabilities of these enigmatic beings.

A Broader Perspective:

Linda Porter’s decades-long interaction with these non-human entities, including the intimidating praying mantis beings, led her to believe that they were extraterrestrial biological entities deeply invested in Earth’s evolutionary process. She suggested that they had manipulated DNA and played a significant role in shaping life on our planet.



The story of Linda Porter’s abduction by praying mantis aliens in 1963 is a tale that defies conventional explanations. While skeptics may dismiss it as a product of the human imagination or the era’s fascination with science fiction, believers see it as a glimpse into a world beyond our comprehension. Regardless of one’s stance, Linda Porter’s account invites us to question the mysteries of the cosmos and consider the possibility that we are not alone in the universe. Whether fact or fiction, her story continues to captivate and intrigue, fueling our fascination with the unknown.

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